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The best places for photography in Melbourne as a specialized concert photography

Certainly, concert photography is one of the most exciting things you can get involved with as a photographer. It has happened many times that people have gone to concerts and enjoyed the music and atmosphere, but failed to take good photos. The low light environment along with the unpredictable artificial lighting of the concert and the present crowd make it challenging to photograph the concert.

One of the reasons for these problems is the darkness of the concert space, but modern cameras are excellent in creating their results at high ISO, and for this reason, the lack of light is not always a problem.

It is recommended that you learn how to shoot in manual mode or you will never learn how to control your camera. With all the shadows and low light during a concert, manual mode allows for a more consistent way of displaying images.

Tips on how to photograph a concert in low light

  1. Use a fast lens: This means that the camera’s maximum aperture is large, meaning the opening through which light enters the camera and hits its sensor is wider. This is essential when dealing with low light conditions. A fast lens will help you capture special moments of the concert.
  2. Avoid using flash
  3. Use a shutter speed of at least 1.200 seconds
  4. Start with ISO 1600: By increasing the ISO setting, you improve your camera’s ability to react quickly to light.
  5. Use diaphragm priority or manual mode.
  6. Use single autofocus mode: In low light conditions, using the central focus point is usually ideal. Setting the camera to single autofocus mode can help, including pointing the camera at the artist and holding the shutter button halfway down.
  7. Choose the RAW format: photography in RAW format preserves all data in a completely unedited state. This gives you more freedom so that you can finally change the white balance, exposure, contrast, etc.

Sedi group in Melbourne has started its activity with the aim of providing photography, video and graphic services to music artists and friends of this field in the Sedi cultural, artistic, commercial and educational complex. This Melbourne photography location has the most equipped facilities available for music related matters including equipment, stage and concert hall, recording and equipped photography and video locations.

Photography, design and video production are done by artists who, in addition to specializing in photography, video and design, are also active in the field of music and have a better understanding of the world of music and its people.

The photos of the artists taken in Sedi group are exposed to the public in the periodical photo exhibition in store, service, demonstration and educational environments, various advertising media, the collection’s website, and the Instagram channel. To view these examples, you can refer to our website at www.sedistudio.com.au. The most important goal of the management of Sedi group in Melbourne is and will be to try to create a suitable environment that suits the spirit of music artists and also produce higher quality products in the field of visual arts related to music.

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