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Experience a more beautiful Head Shots with Sedi studio in Melbourne

Head Shots refers to a photo that is used to authenticate people. Such photos are simple and are usually recorded with a white background. Considering that Head Shots will be used when registering for exams, administrative affairs, obtaining visas, passports, etc., it will be very important to refer to a good and specialized workshop. Sedi collection is one of the oldest photography locations in Melbourne and since the year of its establishment, we are proud to have kept your personal files well so that we can prepare them for you whenever you need them.

One of the most important differences between Head Shots and regular photography is that there is no scenery around the photo and the only thing visible here is our face. A professional photographer can create a good head shots for your loved ones. So that by using this photo, you can make good use of it for your office work. Head Shots is one of the most used branches of face photography.

Important points while taking Head Shots

  • Suitable distance: To achieve a suitable result, it is better to have a distance of about 0.5 meters between the subject and the background, and about 1.5 meters between the camera and the subject. Don’t worry about this distance being too close.
  • Adjusting the light on the subject: To remove the shadow from the subject’s face, it is better to place the photographer or camera almost under the light source.
  • Camera settings: Never set your camera mode to Portrait.

The Sedi team in Melbourne is proud to offer you the beautiful art of photography, which is one of the seven arts, with its many years of experience.

The best pose of Head Shots

To take Head Shots, the back should be straight so that the shoulders are at an appropriate angle to your body. The face should be completely in front of the camera. If you have dewlap, bend your face a little forward and slightly up so that your dewlap don’t show. Do not look at the light source during photography. If you are shooting with a professional camera, instead of getting close to the subject, zoom in on it so that your photo is not distorted. Before taking a photo, close and open your eyes so that your eyes are not blurred in the photo.

If you are looking for the best Head Shots location and the best digital photography location in Melbourne, we introduce you to Sedi collection located in Melbourne. You can refer to our site at www.sedistudio.com.au to schedule a photo shoot and make a reservation, as well as view the available samples.

All our efforts are customer satisfaction and also the approval of that photo by the relevant departments. But in personal photography, what are the important principles and things that must be followed in order to get close to an ideal photo.

Whether you are good at photography or not, a good camera, professional photographer and proper retouching can create a good personal photo for you so that you can not only use it for office work but also enjoy looking at it yourself. Sedi location located in Melbourne with experienced staff can help you create a professional personal photo.

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