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Fitzroy Gardens is one of the most beautiful historical gardens in Melbourne. Following a classic Victorian design, it includes paths decorated with a variety of flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees, which together with the wide lawn create a varied and layered landscape.

So when you’re celebrating your wedding day in or near the Melbourne CBD and want to use a green backdrop as your wedding photo backdrop, our suggestion is Fitzroy Garden, which can be one of the best choices for wedding photos. It is located in the northern and eastern suburbs with close distance to receptions in Melbourne City.

photography in FITZROY GARDEN

Among the beautiful views of this green place, we can mention the iconic majestic tree-lined pathway, the Conservatory, the River God Fountain and the Wind Temple. In this beautiful place as a popular tourist garden, you need to allocate more time for your Melbourne wedding photographer to take photos with a good background because Photoshop and final editing of these photos require a lot of time. For more information and free consultation, refer to our address:

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