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The Royal Botanic Gardens with an area of about 40 hectares is located 2 kilometers south of Melbourne on St. Kilda Road. This garden has a variety of local and foreign plants and birds. Also, this garden has become an ideal place for recreation. It represents one of the best garden style wedding photo locations in Melbourne due to its stunning beauty.


Not only is this garden an ideal place for family members of all ages, they also host events and programs for them throughout the year. You can directly choose the reception method as well as the location of your event and have easy access to everything. Tropical Glasshouse, the Fern Gully, the Guilfoyle’s Volcano as well as the Temple of the winds are among the beautiful views of this garden that you can easily use for the background of your photo.

We recommend that you enter this garden with a plan as the botanical garden is certainly large and moving between different locations can be tiring for a wedding in heels. In the end, it is noted that the cost of obtaining a license to use this place for photography is about 200 dollars. For key information and how to book an appointment, visit our address:

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