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What tips should we follow to take a good group photo?

good group photo

Group photo is one of the most memorable photos. The joy of reviewing period moments is incomparable to anything. If you remember to take a souvenir photo in the gatherings, be sure to think and record these pure moments for the future. Basically, when we want to take group and family photos. We should pay a lot of attention to:

  • The light,
  • Layout,
  • How to stand
  • and the background.

We mostly try to see all the people present in the group in some way in the photo. Even in a small size. But with a few simple changes at the time of photography, you can record professional and unique photos. You can capture the best frames by following these simple tips.

Pay attention to the surrounding environment:

when you want to take a group photo of people, it is better to use more of the environment. Instead of aimlessly gathering the whole group together to take a group photo, it is better to look for a good space first. Sometimes adding a little environmental elements to the subjects of group photography will help your subject to be seen well.

Be confident:

Organizing a group portrait can be stressful. That’s why you need to believe in your own abilities, not only in terms of taking pictures, but also in collaborating and coordinating with others.

Bring the group closer together:

forget about privacy when taking a group photo. Ask subjects to stick together! To make your group photo look more cohesive, ask them to form a semi-circle. By doing this, not only they are seen closer to each other in a natural way, which also saves a lot of space.

Use creative poses in group photos:

Many people believe that only a certain angle is good for a group photo! And all their photos are in the same angle and in the same special mode. It is true that not all people are good at photography, but always try to try all possible angles and modes.

Use a selfie or timer:

You can use the front camera to get all the members in the frame. It may be necessary for the photographer to stand a little further and move his hands as far as possible. Be aware that in this case the focus of the camera is not on a specific part so that the faces of all people are clear. You should use the same rear camera for a better quality photo. First, place the camera in front of the scene and adjust the frame. Then activate the timer and go to the other people yourself.

Take several pictures in a row:

When you are taking pictures of several people at the same time, it is almost impossible to check all of them at the same time. By taking several pictures, your options will increase and the subjects will be given time to prepare.

Sufficient lighting for group photos:

Soft and even lighting is essential when taking group photos. Check that the light shines evenly on each person in the group and that no one is in direct sunlight.


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